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Roofing Installations in Southampton by GT Roofing

At G T Roofing, we specialise in roofing installations and offer a range of roofing services across Southampton. From pitched roofing to slate roofing, we can help to make sure that your home is protected from all weather. An incorrectly installed roof can cause water damage to your property as well as your belongings. At G T Roofing in Southampton, we can offer a wide range of roofing services, including:

Pitched Roof in Southampton

One of the most common forms of roof throughout Southampton, and the rest of the UK for that matter, is pitched roofing. With a simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing design, pitched roofing can help protect your home whilst looking good! The actual pitch of the roof can depend on the materials that you are using for the roof. As an example, thatched roofs need a steeper pitch in order to drain correctly, whereas, certain stone roofs need a specific pitch; too flat and the roof will leak, too steep and the stones will slide off the roof. At G T Roofing, we can install any type of pitched roof.

Slate Roofing in Southampton

Slate roofing is a traditional roofing technique that uses slate tiles at the roofing material. Slate is highly durable and can withstand any British weather, and it is also highly attractive. Slate is one of the oldest roofing materials to be used on homes, this means that it is time-tested to protect your home. Slate also has a sleek, black design that can make your home look beautiful.

However, over time slate tiles will start to wear down - just like any other material - and will need repair work performing. Fortunately, with slate roofing, you only need to replace the broken tiles. At G T Roofing, we can install any slate roof as well as perform any repair work that is required.

Tiled Roofing in Southampton

Tiled roofing is similar to slate roofing in that it is highly durable and can withstand any British weather. Tiles are also relatively cheap, and when combined with its durability, it is no surprise that tiled roofing is the most used technique in the UK.

Similarly, again, to slate roofing, over time your tiles will become damaged and will need some maintenance work performed in order to repair any issues. At G T Roofing, we can install any form of tiled roof on your property as well as perform any repair work as necessary.

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